Remember in grade school when you caught yourself writing the previous year on your papers during the month of January? Not this year!

Though we’re grateful for the good things 2020 brought, we are ready to move forward in every way personally and also professionally, helping others.

Community Support 

The Whitney Family has always been a passionate contributor to events in Watertown community, with Malcolm Whitney being instrumental in bringing Little League Baseball to Watertown as well as being a founder and first President for the Watertown Boys and Girls Club. Of which, Heather Whitney was a prior Board member and Curtis Whitney is a past President and currently the Vice President of the Board.

Giving Back

Giving back to others is the truest form of wealth. Find out ways to give back that are near and dear to those in Watertown by visiting the home sites of organizations below.

Watertown Boys and Girls Club

Pan Mass Challenge

Rotary Club

A New Chapter

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