Even for the heartiest New Englander, there are a few things that should be checked before the temperature drops for good, including some of your most valuable assets- your home and your transportation. 

Here are 5 worthy articles from our friends at Travelers which give a comprehensive check-list for each category:

Winter Home Maintenance Tips
Whether it’s your heating system, insulation, utility-related systems, or landscaping alterations, this is an important list to review if you’re a homeowner. The steps are simple and important to maintaining your safety and the integrity of your home’s systems during the cooler months.

Winter Driving Safety Tips
Remember, driving in winter weather can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. Slowing down, allowing increased time to come to a stop, wearing your seatbelt, devoting your full attention to the road and being aware of changing conditions can help you drive more safely. Read this article for all the necessary tips to get you ready for another snowy season ahead.

How To Winterize Your Car
Basically, make sure all your car’s safety features are working, fluids are filled and don’t forget about the tires. This handy article is a good one to share with friends and family who aren’t as familiar with cars as you might be.

Tips to Checking Your Tire Tread
Check your car manufacturers recommendations specific to your vehicle.

Winter Driving Safety Quiz!

Click the link above to see if you know these important winter driving safety questions. Did you pass?

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