There is no better way to beat the blues than forcing your brain to flip the switch into gratitude-mode. It’s impossible to feel negativity and gratefulness at the same moment, so choose grateful, if just for a minute. Thanksgiving is here, and no matter what religion or creed you believe, we can agree there is a lot to be thankful for this year. 

In Good Health or in Bad

No doubt, health has been on people’s minds this year more than any time in the recent past. Many of us know what it feels like to be touched by illness, so every day we are happy when we know our friends and family are doing okay! 

We are grateful for our health this year.

Family and Friends

Our family and friends cannot go for granted any year but especially this one. Time is precious, and this year, we will take every minute to recognize that we are happy to have loved ones around us, eh hem, I mean, zooming with us.

We are grateful for our family and friends this year.

The “Essentials”

It’s a year of shocking and detrimental change for some, while some of us are largely unaffected. It’s a moment when we are faced with stark realizations about the gifts we have in front of us and work hard to keep every day. We’re so grateful for all little daily necessities, and we do not take them for granted, not this year.

We are grateful for our home, transportation, heat, water and essentials this year.


Time…what a funny concept in 2020. Everyone’s calendar got really wacky in March and never really recovered but more or less had to transform into a covid-calendar, probably filled with more zoom links than you’d ever imagine and gaps where you’d least expect them. Getting outside, walking more and doing new extracurricular activities was a strange but nice thing we are grateful for this year. 

Even if it meant some tweaks and changes, we are grateful to have a different timeline for our lives this year. 

Food, Food and More Food!

The relationship people have with food is fascinating, and this year put the spotlight on our eating habits as a community. Whether you became the new home-chef aficionado or started a Chinese take-out gold-members card, we are so grateful to have started bookmarking more recipes than usual and getting to know some of our local businesses on a deeper level. We know restaurants and small shops have been grateful to have business at all this year, and we in turn are grateful for them.

This goes without saying- we are so grateful for healthy (and not so healthy) food options this year. 

Achievements and Growth

We’re proud of our team, and we’re proud of everyone we’ve kept in touch with this year doing whatever it takes to make it through this challenging year.

As always, we’re here as an expert source for information related to your personal assets or business-related assets. Insuring these items never seemed as more important as it did this year.

Going into 2021, we want all our clients to feel comfortable and confident with the policies they have in place. 

Moving Into The New Year

We are a resilient community here in Watertown and Boston. We’ll make it through it all if we can continue to make the mental leap towards feeling grateful for the simple things, small and large.


Sometimes, we must remember, the little things are the big things.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from everyone at J. M. Whitney Insurance!

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