Has there ever been a spookier year than 2020? With all the unexpected events going on, we can’t help but wonder, will our insurance rates go up in the near or distant future?

Natural Disasters

Because of the uptick in natural disasters such as the wildfires in California, we may see rates increase eventually. Homeowners insurance is one area we think this will likely affect. 

Election Season

Election seasons, though dramatic and newsworthy, do not impact insurance rates. Soon, the election will be over, and we can continue our personal and business plans for 2021. 

Personal Insurance Vs. Commercial Insurance
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No matter where your focus for savings is for the rest of the year or looking ahead to 2021, now is a great time to take a look with us. Give us a call or schedule a zoom meeting with us in the coming weeks. 

In Conclusion, spooky rates are nothing to be scared of but something to look at if you’re concerned about your rates in general. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend, and we’ll stay in touch with you as the year comes to a close.

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