In New England, the month of November brings with it a unique set of concerns and preparations, primarily due to the changing weather and approaching holiday season. In addition, businesses may be reassessing their liabilities and want to be proactive in ensuring they’re doing all they can to stay covered from all risks. 

Let’s dive in.

  1. Weather Changes and Preparations: November in New England marks the transition into colder temperatures and often the first snowfalls. People are concerned about preparing their homes for winter, which includes insulating windows, checking heating systems, and ensuring that their homes are energy-efficient to handle the colder temperatures. Preparing vehicles for winter driving conditions is also a priority, such as installing winter tires and ensuring that antifreeze levels are adequate.
  2. Holiday Preparations: As November progresses, attention begins to turn towards the upcoming holiday season. This includes planning for Thanksgiving. People are concerned with travel arrangements, meal planning, and accommodating family and friends. There’s also the start of holiday shopping, with many taking advantage of Black Friday sales at the end of the month.
  3. Outdoor Activities and Gardening: With the fall foliage reaching its peak in early November, outdoor activities like hiking and enjoying the autumn scenery are common. However, as the month progresses, concerns shift to yard maintenance and gardening, such as raking leaves, winterizing gardens, and protecting plants from the frost.
  4. Health Concerns: The arrival of colder weather brings concerns about the flu and other seasonal illnesses. People in New England often get flu shots and start taking other health precautions in November. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may also continue to be a concern, with people paying attention to any new guidelines or health advisories.
  5. Educational Concerns: For families with school-going children and those in academia, November is a time of mid-term exams and preparing for the end of the semester. This includes managing study schedules and dealing with the stress associated with academic performance.


November can certainly be a month of both preparation and anticipation in New England. Insurance can be one thing you *don’t* have to worry about this November. Reach out to see how we can best serve your needs this holiday season. 

Taking Action Ahead of Time is Smart

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