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There is a bittersweetness that comes with the ending of the summertime, and this year this feels especially true because all of our summers felt a bit off due to COVID-19. But hopefully you still experienced some of our favorite memories that each summer brings.

And if you’re local, you can still experience many of these throughout September and October, either around Watertown, Greater Boston or catching a weekend on Cape Cod. Anyone will say that these are arguably the two most beautiful months of all. 

Mornings on the Bike Trails

Leisure Tip: Bring water with you! Hydrating is key on a long ride. Training for the Pan Mass Challenge next year? Join the cause, and let’s keep in touch until we do the same time next year!

Insurance Pro Tip: Your bicycle or other similar belongings are likely covered under your homeowners policy. All the same, bring a lock if you’re expecting to pull off for a coffee break at a local shop like this one from Amazon. 

Beach, Boating and Swimming

Leisure Tip: Do some research before pulling up to any beach; look up parking info, beach times, daily rates and whether or not admission is free after 4pm. Those sunset hours are sometimes better than the whole day combined! Watch out when swimming on the outer banks during these warm months; sharks are nearby especially this time of year enjoying the warmer water temperatures.

Insurance Pro Tip: Triple-check your boat’s insurance policy before you take it out. You don’t want to be double-surprised when you hit a submerged rock and then get hit by a larger deductible than you were anticipating. 

Hikes, Walking Trails and Ocean Views

Leisure Tip: Wear long clothing items or pack bug spray with you. Ticks are popular in this area and especially in the end-of-summer heat.

Insurance Pro Tip: On a long walk, give us a quick call to do a check-up on your business’s policies, especially if you’ve made some changes, to make sure everything looks secure for the upcoming season. 

Ice Cream and Fried Clams

Leisure Tip: When venturing out, wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask! But enjoy those summer delights all the same on a park bench or at your home.

Insurance Pro Tip: Look into your healthcare providers benefits when it comes to annual checkups. Sometimes you can save money when you let them know you’ve made all your appointments this year! You don’t have to disclose how much ice cream you consumed this summer…

Leisurely Weekend Shopping

Leisure Tip: Visit your local main street for Labor Day and end-of-season sales for the best picks that you can wear this winter on your vacation or next summer.

Insurance Pro Tip: Feel like your finances are getting away from you? Get a financial wellness checkup with our trusted advisor and team from IFP. Contact our office or Christopher Cavallaro, RFC, CRPC® Financial Advisor directly to schedule a call when convenient for you.

Lobster Dinners and Karaoke

Leisure Tip: Buy your lobsters the day before of morning of from a local fish market.

Insurance Pro Tip: If the engagement isn’t in your own home, make sure you don’t drink and drive! And if it is at your home, make sure your pool is secured and your liability insurance is strong under your homeowners policy for those long, crazy summer nights. 

This Fall, Get Active!

The fall has unique opportunities for outside social engagements, ways to give back to the community like supporting the Watertown Girls & Boys Club, learning spice-filled recipes and pumpkin-scented traditions as well. So as we gently grieve another summer, we gracefully enter the new season with a smile on our face. 


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