Show Love This Season 

Having the best interest of your loved ones at heart is what planning for the future it all about. We know life loves to throw unexpected curveballs, and the best thing to do today is bank that change will happen and make your plans to steer away from risk and uncertain coverage. The most emotion-driven, heart-felt decisions people are making today, will be felt later down the road in a positive way.  

Here’s an overview of all the ways you can show love this season. 

Will you accept this [rose] policy with me?

It’s like a story out of a Hollywood movie. Since 1950, the J. M. Whitney family has prioritized helping families create a more peaceful, secure living through affordable insurance options. Relationships established long ago and maintained over the years has afforded the company a wealth of knowledge about Watertown, MA and the greater Boston area. It’s also given us a lot to learn about the ins and outs of the insurance business, specifically in Massachusetts, where the real estate market is generally quite high compared to other parts of the country and where weather changes as quick as the score of Patriots game in the 4th quarter. 

It’s not over until the last second.

What’s Commercial About It?

Offering commercial businesses in the area coverage on options like workers compensation, liability, general protection coverage and more is something the team at J. M. Whitney and Co. especially enjoys. As any New Englander knows, the quickest way to learn a town’s true colors and heart is through it’s local businesses, and Massachusetts has plenty. 

New storefront + fleet of company cars? Covered. How’s that for a sweetheart deal. 


Business or Personal

In terms of the families we know and love every day, we work every week to make sure their homes, automobiles, motorcycles, boats, (anything with an engine) is covered to the maximum for the lowest cost. It is amazing to see the difference it can make to go through a traumatic accident and having proper coverage. For those we love, there is no other option than working tirelessly to provide the best around. 

Maybe it’s a little of both- business and personal. 

Our Love Language

Not only do we stand behind our words with meaningful actions- quick followup, accessibility, easy to access information, and so forth, we kind of love words of affirmation too. We really love hearing from our customers about their experience working with us and why they recommend us to people they are close to. 

Take a minute to let us know about you, your story and what it means to you to have insurance. We’re active on social media and available through traditional channels during the workweek. 

In Conclusion, it means a lot to work in the insurance world, and we take it very seriously. An act of love can look like so many things. To us, it’s working hard to provide excellent service and coverage to you, our sweet customer. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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