J. M. Whitney Insurance has been helping businesses in the Watertown and Greater Boston area for over 60+ years! A family-run business ourselves, we’ve been through the ins and outs of needs of small and large businesses alike. Check out this ‘beginners” article for commercial insurance, what you need to be aware of, what options you may have, and how we can help. 

General Liability Insurance 

General Liability insurance under the commercial insurance umbrella covers a wide range of “exposures” for your business. Some of these exposures can easily be covered. For example, Errors & Omissions coverage will include protection against professional negligence relating to data protection. An Employment Practices Liability Insurance will cover on-site injuries which can skyrocket when considering legal complications or lawsuits challenging the employees’ legal rights. There are more options for general liability insurance, and we’re happy to discuss the full range with you in a complimentary consultation. 

Be on the right side of the law. 


Commercial Property Insurance 

Easily, the most popular type of insurance across the spectrum if property insurance. You need to protect the brick & mortar! But that’s not all property insurance covers. With a comprehensive commercial property insurance plan, you should also be shown options covering these areas: 

  • Buildings
  • Supplies &  inventory
  • Equipment, tools

Losses from fire, break-in, vandalism, wind and other natural or manmade disasters are examples of what is typically classified as a covered event. Notable ‘add-ons’ include flooding insurance if you’re near a coastline, like we often are here in New England. Others include Business Interruption Coverage, covering potential losses when/if the business is shut down or closed due to an event. Lastly, as we’re in 2019, data processing continues to be at risk for hackers, so Electronic Data Processing Insurance should be a given for most businesses. 

Protect the fortress and your tools.

And don’t forget the data systems!

Business Auto Insurance 

Whether your business requires coverage for a company truck or you have employees using their own vehicles, or both, business auto insurance can offer some valuable protections including the standard bodily injury liability, medical payments, and more. Pro tip: even if employees are using their own vehicles and have private coverage for themselves, if they get in an accident on company time, it could still mean liability for you.

Inexpensive and comprehensive, check.


Commercial Umbrella Insurance 

Insurance coverage that helps protect your business from the rising costs of lawsuits, and it’s essential for any business owner. Noone foresees or plans a crippling lawsuit into their business plan, and that’s where umbrella insurance comes in. And don’t think your general liability coverage will be safe enough, because often legal costs will exceed your coverage amounts. And for businesses with higher loss potential, there are options for Excess Liability Coverage as well. 

We’re going above and beyond!


Workers Compensation Insurance 

Insurance coverage that helps you take care of your employees and buffers you from the likeliness of getting sued while doing so. Employees are the backbone of any business, so a good workers comp plan can at your company above the competition and contribute to attracting the best talent in your area. 

_ Days Since Occupational Incident. 



Protecting yourself against the promises of others. We can see your side. A bond such as a Surety Bond for example, is a written agreement that a certain insurance company will protect your valuables and “back up” the promises made by others. Other types of bonds include construction bonds, commercial bonds, license and permitting bonds, probate bonds, fidelity bonds, financial institution bonds and more. We are here to sit down with you to discuss your options on which bonds may be most appropriate for your needs. 

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Take Charge, Boss 

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There are many facets to the diamond of protecting your gem of a business. Don’t hesitate to meet with us to review your policies today. Consult with us for free. 

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