You made it to another winter season, and it makes sense to review ideas for improving in 2023. Some concepts include productivity, some include communication, some include health; all could affect your bottom line!


Whether you’re in or out of the office, the way a person is habitually positioned using their devices can have a long term effect on their body and health. Ergonomic chairs as well as updating company policy uses for phones at work may improve overall wellbeing for employees. Hours spent looking at a smartphone or tablet can strain the spine, and believe it or not, non-stop texting can negatively impact or even injure the thumbs! 

If any stand up desks or treadmill-desks are used at home, ensure your company policy addresses workplace related injuries in the BOP (business owner’s policy).

On the Go 

The virtual office is completely normal these days, and policies should reflect expectations for safety and wellbeing in 2023. Use of devices in a vehicle should not be encouraged; check your company vehicle policy to ensure full protection is in place. Secondly, ensure cyber security features are inquired about, aka virus detection and encryption on the computer(s) or devices used for company work at home or on the go.

The 24/7 Work Week

Technology is an amazing thing that connects us all the time, everywhere we go. The downfall? We have to put limitations in place to ensure a healthy work-life balance for all. Don’t let lines become blurry between the beginning and end of a workday. Before and after work hours, insist on sending emails, expecting for them to be responded to during work hours only. During the day, other modes of community may be completely appropriate. 

Communication Practices

Conflict resolution boils down to communication- speaking with clear, kind language and staying open to others’ feedback. Asking questions and open communication is the best way to “check in” with each other before a small issue becomes a big one. Make “check ins” regular, weekly if possible, so they don’t have to be scheduled after it’s too late and an issue has built up.

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Mental Health

Ensure employees feel like they’re respected and cared for. Invite others out for a monthly happy hour or bowling/yoga/lunch meet up to shake off work-related stress and create memories in a new environment. Don’t try and replace these face-to-face interactions with a virtual meet-up; it’s not the same! Long term employee wellbeing will reflect in productivity figures and overall morale.

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