Whether it’s protecting and preventing sickness for employees or the homefront from natural disasters, there are so many ways to get on board with National Preparedness Month tips and tricks. Let’s dive in!

Covid-19 and other Viruses

Washing hands never goes out of style. Continue to disinfect surfaces in the workplace, at home, in company vehicles, and everywhere more than one person is regularly using. Even handheld devices and laptops can trap bacteria, so regularly disinfect those too. Carry hand sanitizer in your office and car for easy grab-n-go access.

Homeowner Protection Tips

Burglaries are common, and yet no one thinks in will happen to them.
–Be mindful of the landscaping and visibility in front of your property; are there any obscure areas, easy for thieves to hide? This includes lighting and motion-sensors as well, a great predictor for which homes may or may not be targeted.
–Follow your local police and fire departments on social media; these organizations are vested in keeping communities safe and will usually put out helpful tips and warnings when there is danger in the area.
–Know your neighbors! This is an “old fashioned” trick that never goes out of style; you never know when they can look out for your property and you can help them too, especially when away from the home at work or vacation.
–Protect outdoor valuables from weather and/or potential burglaries by keeping them locked up or indoor structures like sheds or garages. 

Hurricane and Storm Season 

As the fall and winter seasons approach, it’s good to reassess your property for potential elements that could cause damage like water, trees and more.
–To reduce significant water damage, ensure windows, doors and vents are property secured and insulated. Clear debris from exterior drains and gutters, ensuring they’re doing their job properly. If your property has a sump pump, ensure it’s in proper working condition, including if there is a battery backup.
–Monitor trees and large plants close to the home, within 10 feet or so. Take a look for cracking or splitting, and remove any dead limbs from the weakened trees. Call a local landscaper or tree-removal company to assist with this. It could save you plenty in the end; we think this is a sound investment.
–Brace any doors, roofs, windows and skylights by using bolt kts or asking a local carpenter to assess the structures. Securing outdoor items is also important when considering the wind levels that might affect your area including patio furniture, un-bolted storage boxes, planters, and more.

Taking Action Ahead of Time is Smart

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