The last few years have shown the workforce a lot about themselves and the culture of work in the United States from healthcare workers to teachers to local business owners. The holiday of Labor Day began in the late nineteenth century and is a tribute to local workers towards things we recognize as “American”– a strong work ethic, dreams of prosperity, and striving for a good quality of life.

Celebrating Workers in Massachusetts and Beyond

Before Labor Day was recognized as a national holiday, a few states including our own Massachusetts, took the opportunity to pass laws to recognize the holiday. In New York fashion, they were the first to adopt the holiday. A few years after, Colorado, Massachusetts, and New Jersey joined in. Popularity for the day took over, and by 1894, Congress officially made it a legal national holiday under President Grover Cleveland.

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in New York and old illustrations depict the event as a sort of parade with about 25,000 people– workers holding signs, lively bands, families having picnics, and all displaying a general attitude of convivial comradery taking the day to celebrate the American workforce as a whole.

Men weren’t the only participants as women were eventually allowed to have more emphasis in the holiday festivities. Early American labor organizations were instrumental in contributing to what became unparalleled American “good living.” For decades, and even still, the United States has been seen as a country with wider opportunities to work and support a family in comparison to other countries around the world. 

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