Every year on the third Sunday in June, this year June 20th, we celebrate fathers and their role in our lives. The role of the father is an important one, and over the years, the meaning of the holiday has evolved. As important as it is to recognize our mothers, we also recognize the role models and nurturing of our fathers, grandfathers and, yes, even the beloved dog dad.



1910 was the first year a “Fathers Day” celebration occurred. And boy, has our take on fatherhood come a long way. It’s 2021, and no longer is father simply equivalent with a bland label like “provider.” Today, father’s are considered more multifaceted than ever, in a good way! Caring for the kids, making Saturday-morning waffles, working long hours, fixing a loose gear, giving good advice, making us laugh when we’re down and telling a good dad joke is just the start of why we love and celebrate the father-figures in our lives.  

How to Observe Father’s Day

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to celebrate or show love towards your father-figure. Remember, everyone likes a thoughtful gift or a hand-made item. Maybe he enjoys history or reading and will enjoy the latest novel or an Audible credit to buy something he likes. Even a hand-written letter or a framed photograph of your favorite vacation together will turn into his new cherished item!

For the quality-time loving fathers, plan a special dinner you know he’ll love.

Perhaps a day to himself at the spa or golf-range will also do the trick to feel appreciated by his loved ones.

Funny fact, the most popular dad-gift is not the slipper but the neck-tie.

Also, the red rose is the official flower of Father’s Day. Who knew?

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