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There is a comprehensive new website highlighting all that Watertown has to offer, and we couldn’t be more proud to shout about it. Dive into the town’s history, both old and new businesses, food, and cultural scenes. Clearly, there is more to this town than meets the eye. Over the years, Watertown has grown into a blossoming extension of the Boston community while still retaining its New England charm.

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Who Lives in Watertown?

Business & Developments

For businesses, it’s an exciting time. “This is especially true of the Arsenal Street corridor, headquarters of Athena Health and home to Arsenal Yards.” the homepage boasts. There is no better time to establish, start, or continue a business in this booming and prosperous and welcoming area for all.

Foodies, Unite

If any town can be classified as a foodie’s town, it is Boston, but not everyone knows this label should really extend beyond Boston’s borders and into neighboring towns like Watertown. Speaking of Arsenal Yards development, you’ll find some true gems of restaurants. “Restaurateurs like Jason Santos, the James Beard award-winning chef of the New Orleans-inspired cuisine found at Buttermilk & Bourbon, have expanded from Boston’s Back Bay to Watertown to be part of this exciting transformation.” Don’t miss out on exploring reservations here and among other talented chefs. Local, expert cuisine, like Italian or Armenian delicacies, are not to be missed.

Community Supports

Rents are high and times are tough post-COVID; however, folks on the town’s board recognize the pressure to innovate and create spaces for all members of our town, having an upcoming meeting about housing specifically. Community support remains a priority. For example, we value supporting organizations like the Watertown Boys & Girls Club, and The Watertown Rotary Club, with whom we’ve been longtime supporters, or by registering to participate in fundraisers like the annual Pan-Mass Challenge. Food pantries, fundraisers, and school volunteer opportunities are at the core of many who live in this strong community.

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“Charles River Chamber.com | Visit Watertown”

Taking Action 

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