What can business owners do to protect their cars and drivers from unexpected road woes? There are many options in terms of coverage! Let’s dive in.

Who Needs Commercial Truck or Auto Coverage

Truck and Auto coverage doesn’t just apply to your own personal vehicle. Any business that owns or uses motor vehicles during the course of business should have auto insurance. J.M. Whitney Insurance and Co. is partnered with the top insurance providers in Massachusetts to ensure you’re getting the fullest coverage for the lowest cost. 

Examples of business activities using a vehicle:

  • Delivering Goods
  • Client Meetings
  • Shopping for Supplies
  • Transporting Materials to or from a Job
  • An automobile that is used as a business site, i.e. food truck, mobile pet wash

Most importantly, every state requires a small business to have proper insurance if auto use is associated with your business. We can answer any questions you have regarding auto insurance for your state. 

Oil and Gas specific vehicles have specialized areas of coverage requiring unique policies; inquire if your business operates within the oil and gas industry.

Coverage Includes

Similar to personal auto insurance, a commercial auto coverage policy will include Liability Coverage, Uninsured Motorists Coverage, Underinsured Motorists Coverage, and Physical Damage Coverage. These coverage areas apply to both small and large fleets to meet your specific business needs.

Physical Damage Coverage includes collision coverage, comprehensive coverage like hitting an animal or theft, and “specified causes of loss” coverage like vandalism, hail, or fire damage. 

Examples of vehicles covered: are passenger vehicles, vans, light trucks, heavy/extra-duty trucks, truck trailers, specialty vehicles, and more.


How much might it cost? The cost will vary depending on the type of business, type of vehicle, driver history, storage location, and coverage/limits selected. We can help you through this process to make sure you’re getting the most coverage for the lowest cost. 

What is considered a “fleet?” A fleet is typically defined as 5+ vehicles under one owner or used for business purposes. Anything less than that can be considered a “non-fleet policy.”

I already have personal insurance; do I need commercial auto insurance? Who owns the vehicle- an individual or is it purchased through the business? A commercial auto policy protects the business and provides coverage for commercially owned vehicles used in business operations. A personal auto policy provides coverage for personally owned vehicles. 

Please let us know how we can best serve your personal or business insurance needs.

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